How cheap can you get?

From very early on we become trained in how to behave, how to look; the rules of how to conform to society’s ’one size fits all’ structure. As citizens we are expected to go along with these rules, which change after occasion and situation where each situation has its own implicit rules to conform to.

Looking at what what is considered ’acceptable’ leaves us with a very narrow line of tolerance; not doing enough to align with this standard will have you labelled as a person of less value, whilst exaggerating desirable traits makes them change value and become undesirable, again, given a decreased social value; contributing to a constant struggle of becoming too much or not enough.

My work looks to challenge the socially constructed mask that gets pressured upon us. Going beyond this narrow path of what is acceptable, looking at what has been labelled ”wrong” or ”grotesque”; in a scenario where you don't play by the rule book of society’s standards and refuse to collide with obsession of glammed up commercialism.

Comparing the classical to the grotesque, the double standard of deception and play these imposed masks express and how they affect an individual’s free will.

The transgression of the Female Grotesque, which can be described as a developed formula of going against the expected standard, incorporating what is considered loose and vulgar with a sense of having lost self control and self view has had a strong impact on my work.

The collection aims to explore the way the value society puts on people change, looking at unruly behavior and fake displays, subversion of social codes, how a value gets put on to someone, and how it changes. Eventually making the viewer question the violation of these rules.

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